About Us


Thank you for taking the time to visit Precious Paws of Houston. I am so proud of my precious puppies and am very happy to share them with you. My goal at Precious Paws is to raise excellent puppies at an affordable price.

Here at Precious Paws I focus on raising quality, not quanity, puppies. I have taken the time to be selective in my small breeding program. I specialize in Yorkshire Terriers. I have a full time job and raise puppies as a loving hobby. I enjoy my babies so much that I want others to experience my pleasure.

Please view my available puppies. Since I am not a puppy mill breeder, I will not have puppies available at all times. Check with me and I can keep you informed when a new litter is due. 

Because I am a selective breeder, I will not have puppies available at all times during the year. However, when I do have puppies you will know each one will be an excellent choice and will make a wonderful pet. These babies are worth the wait, so you might want to put your name on my waiting list for the next litter.

I rely on my vet  to provide the very best care for my precious puppies. I also share information and advice with other breeders so my customers will have the satisfaction of knowing they are getting the best.

I have made many long-lasting friends over the years. People locally call me "The Yorkie Lady".  I believe that when you own a Yorkshire Terrier you have the Cadillac of pets.

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